125lb weight loss transformation with the raw foods + vegan lifestyle.

Chili’s website is www.raw2therescue.com 125lb weight loss with the raw foods lifestyle. Here are some more healthy weight loss life style tips from Durianrider & Freelee Sleep, water, sugar sufficiency must be the daily focus. Sun + sport must be the weekly focus. Making the world…
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www.youtube.com/micahlifts www.facebook.com www.micahlifts.com My personal Transformation Journey that I created to help motivate others that may want to lose fat or improve there general health. A little support can go along way when it comes to diet and nutrition or muscle gains! Feel free to hit me up on my Facebook Or Youtube to stay in touch! UPDATE: I hit 135 lbs at my leanest and now I am up to 145 trying to put on as much muscle as I can while keeping Lean for the Summer~ Extra Tags: Transformation Weight loss Carb Cycling Lifting goals Fat Loss Strength Gain Fitness and health Micah Alaniz Micahlifts Beast Mode Nutrition and Lifting Weights Motivation Weight loss Motivation Diet Seccuss Nutritional Cooking Cooking Recipes No excuses Bodybuilding Lifting weights Power and strength free website diet and nutrition Tips lifting techniques Amazing uplifting Abs Happy
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “125lb weight loss transformation with the raw foods + vegan lifestyle.”

  1. i bet my mother in law life you’re wrong

  2. Sadly, over 70% of adults in the US are overweight and losing weight is an obsession for so many people. Finding an effective way to lose weight is one of the most important things that a person can do. Thank you for sharing your video. Keep up the good work!

  3. Totally Raw low fat vegan gives you insane energy that makes you feel High, i just ended up just running like a mad man through the local forest and i jump on my bed with ankle weights and 5 pound weights in each hand while i run in place & dance on my bed untill i get a trampoline lol i’m crazy & i love it!
    Raw vegan is key to humanity uniteing & creating a Tropical Paradise on this whole planet!

  4. Try lychee juice + banana smoothies, so tasty!!

  5. I’m with you. I’m a physiologist and can attest to the improbability of her claim that she lost 25 lbs per month. That would be almost 6 lbs. per week which is supremely unlikely unless she was completely starving herself. The irony is that in a state of starvation, the body sources energy from the ‘easiest’ source – in this case it’s glycogen and other sugars (carbs.) Eating a diet rich in carbs does nothing to burn fat since it’s much harder to burn fat than carbs. This is complete BS.

  6. 1) Look on the bar on the left it says “Raw 2 the Rescue Products”
    “coaching” for $125 per hour.

    2) The lie doesnt have to be in the weight lost, but the timeline she lost it in.

    I agree with you that calorie math doesnt work out as neat in the real world, but it definitely is a good estimate. If she didnt burn the fat into calories then where did it go?

    It would be extremely inefficient and evolutionary detrimental for fat to just dissappear without providing energy to the organism.

  7. I’m pointing out the fact that in the before pic she is large and in the after pic she is slim. It’s not water that she lost. If you go from a size 25 to a size 10 for example, it’s actual weight you lost, not water. Harley is right about the hormones and whatnot. It’s easy to do calorie math, but it doesn’t work out as neat in the real world of weight loss. She’s not even selling anything on her website.

  8. I am honestly not sure if you are serious or trolling me

  9. Yes, I get that (clearly) and do urinate about that within 24 hours. I was experiencing something very different. :)

  10. Look up Chris Randall over at RealRawResults on youtube. He is a teen and just does his own thing. Lost half his body weight following his own path.

  11. i’m on the same boat as siloumalixxxxx where would you go and what would you do.

  12. Thats awesome.

  13. She posts a before and after photo. I suppose her reduction in size is water huh?

  14. Well i am skinny but i am trying to become more toned and that would probably come since i am growing but i don’t want to wait. Another thing is i weighed the same now as i did before i came a vegan so i kind of feel like i am doing something wrong because nothing has happened as far my weight goes. And no i am not anorexic nor have i ever been anorexic. I just happened to be skinny because i am young

  15. at 17?? wow! yiah good point but im going to college right now and Im not making at all the amount of money needed to move out :/ what are your thoughts on college and stuff…like how did you make a living at 17…if you dont mind me asking?

  16. Move out of home. Myself and Mike Arnstein were doing our own thing when we are just 17. Kids in the Philippines often move out when they are 8 years old and work full time collecting cans and bottles.

  17. just wondering thoug why would you want to lose weight exactly…I mean you say yourself that your really skinny and yet your wondering if your doing something wrong because your not losing weight??? :O what? lol

  18. i work part time and i have money but i would have to use up almost 100% of my cash to buy all of the fruits and veggies bro…parents dont want to help me with that either! but hey…i guess ill do it anyways and when they see how in shape and healthy i can shove the lifestyle in their face!! haha thks bro! ;)

  19. Im a teen and my parents are fine with it. If they won’t let you do it then i say fuck’em. Go out , mow someone’s lawn to get some money and then walk to the grocery store and BOOM get all the fruits and veggies you can afford.

  20. harley! can you please make a video for mature teens who want to transition into a raw vegan lifestyle but who dont have their parents approval ( while the parents are the ones who buy the food,,,lol) i tried to convince them by showing them your videos and i even bought 2 vegan books to show them but they still dont buy it…”moderation is key” they always say -_- have any tips?

  21. Harley i haven’t lost any weight and im wondering if i could possibly be doing something wrong or if i am just too skinny. Im only 15 and so as you know im still growing but right now i am 5’10 117lbs which is pretty damn skinny perhaps i am too skinny? I eat around 2500-3500 calories a day because im on a super ultra tight budget and so i cant get that much fruit and starches.

  22. yep…that bs that a calorie is a calorie doesnt stand when raw foods come into play!! :) btw, youre a great inspiration Harley…starting a raw vegan lifestyle today!!

  23. You are using the caloric model and you forgot about hormonal fluid gain, sodium retention, drug retention etc.

    People forget about inflammation from eating animal products with all the arachidonic acid, uric acid etc. People forget about salt retention, hormonal water retention etc.

    Chili aint lying. Your just a noob. ;)

    Its like when people write me saying ‘OMG!! HELP!! I drank some water and fruit today and now Im fat cos the scales say Im 10lbs heavier! OMG!! OMFG!! IM FAT!! HELP!!

  24. Congrats, good on you Chili!!! :D

  25. Pump that shit out bro!!!!

  26. thanks man- Appreciate it

  27. it sucks coming from behind the journey is hard but this dude made it

  28. Nice man- thats a shit ton of fat gone! Congrats

  29. I been diced since Feb 2012 lost 80 lbs

  30. Thanks for the support man and congratulations on your weight loss- That is huge change man!

  31. This video brings it really close to home for me… i looked just like you 5 months ago. I have loss 50 pounds (265lbs to 215 lbs at 6’2″) by taking advice from all the same channels you’ve mentioned… I’ll be making a similar video in the future… Great job Micah!

  32. Thanks! 

  33. Good work dude. Keep it up!

  34. коляныч Иванов Reply September 19, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    почему тату сначала на левом а потом на

  35. damn bro u hav the same abs as me!

  36. Thanks man!

  37. awesome vid great 2 motavate people 4 fatloss n muscle gain

  38. thanks bro I appreciate it! Make sure to take a ton of pictures of that man- That will be awesome to look back on!

  39. Great transformation I’m 5’9 223 tryna get down to 160 great motivation!!!

  40. Thanks I appreciate it- Actually have a Fusion Tee- Thanks for what you put out! Feel free to share the journey!

  41. Great Stuff!

  42. thanks!

  43. five nine

  44. great vid

  45. How tall are you?

  46. Great job

  47. thanks man- i dig the name! Stay in touch

  48. thanks man

  49. yeah i hear that alot lol- People just hold there weight differently .

  50. you look around 160 not 145