Betsy’s MedifitNY Weight Loss Journey – Week 8

Week 8 of Betsy’s MedifitNY Weight Loss Journey.

♥ For NEW videos please visit my NEW CHANNEL: When I was loosing weight, I also kept thinking, “Every step counts, every step counts” because it really does! That helped motivate me to walk places instead of drive. Helped me workout. Helped me burn extra calories. So try that as well! Also, try to give up something that you feel is not good for you (eg. chocolate/white bread) for a certain amount of time. And ask your friend or family member to do it with you so you have support (and you can make it into a BET, and have it be something really bad if you loose it lol – that should keep you motivated!) At the end of the day, its about being HEALTHY (not skinny) whatever that weight is for you. Dont compare yourself to other people, do what is best for YOU! :) ★ Check out my first health & diet tips video: Let’s be friends :) ♥ For NEW videos please visit my NEW CHANNEL: ♥ My BLOG: ♥ FACEBOOK: (Old username, SAME Facebook) ♥ TWEET me!: ♥ View my photos on TUMBLR: ♥ Beautylish : ♥ My iPhone INSTAGRAM: @AnnieJaffrey _________________________________________________________ My Favorite Makeup Brushes! For disclaimer purposes: Before embarking on any major change in diet or exercise you must consult your local physician. These methods are the ones which work for MY body, my health and well
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22 Responses to “Betsy’s MedifitNY Weight Loss Journey – Week 8”

  1. you have like really pretty eyes

  2. Hey Annie, I appreciate you sharing your story with everyone, and congrats!
    I wanted to ask if you could drop by my new Blog site I just created and leave feedback,
    or/and kinda share your story of how you lost weight.
    I’d really appreciate, Thanks again,
    howtolosebellyfatin3weeks . org
    - L.C.

  3. @xmigifd u’re right. i know the bad fat is the reason that stopping 6 pack coming outside even we work out well. btw!but ye I heard that most of the celebrities used to follow to kill their belly using this 7 food items. worth watch here now >>

  4. Have you tried Zippy Fat Loss? (look for it on google) It is a quick and easy way for you to get rid of fat fast.

  5. Congrats on the weight loss! I lost weight the exact same way but without trying… When I first moved out of home for the first year I had no money for junk food and snacks, only for just what I needed and so I ate healthier and also I had a job where I had to run a lot and I lost 50 pounds… I still need to tone up, I’m not perfect. but people who say only diet or only exercise will make you lose weight are correct however the two together make it much easier. Raw foods are good too!

  6. how would you suggestion college students (always up really late, and burning energy) not eat past 8? this has always been a struggle for me

  7. Watch me shrink please 3

  8. And then theres me, whos sitting here eating halloween candy…. imma b fat.

  9. Excellent job on losing the weight. Many people can and are losing weight by doing one simple thing… Blocking sugar from being digested into their bodies. It’s bad enough to eat sugar but if you do, take a sugar blocker to stop its harmful effects. Stop it or block it and your weight loss goals happen so much faster.

  10. Ive kept up a diet that helped me lose weight over this past summer, I went back to school, but for lunch I don’t know what to eat because at school they only give out red meat or fried food and I’ve stayed away from that

  11. Losing weight isn’t easy, but when you do you prove yourself to be strong.

  12. you should share some tips you learned from your trainer, the exersice and foods you ate.

  13. Have you seen “Smashing Ripped X?” (Google it) It is a quick and easy way for you to build muscle fast.

  14. you are sooooo much help! lovely girl and you look great!

  15. thumbs up.. I really like your video.. it’s inspiring.. :) I’m starting to gain weight .. :( so I’m trying to become fit again .. :)

  16. Interesting story!!! I lost lots of weight too,I followed a pretty cool program that was life changing, I mean it, I can’t post it here the link is on my profile, I never recommend things but is different with this one.

    Now I’m looking for a good exercise program, thinking on insanity o px90, do you know any good one?

  17. It would be a shame if you did not bulk up when these other normal people accomplish it so easily using Atomic Max Muscle (go Google it).

  18. weight, ie the number on the scale, has nothing to do with whether you will look good or not. there’s such a thing as “skinny fat” where someone will weigh much less than another person of the same size, but still be flabby with no muscle definition. all you have to do is train your muscles (you will NOT get bulky no matter what you think) and lower your body fat percentage through diet and cardio

  19. If you’re looking for a great plan to get fit and healthy relatively quick, check out my blog! You can download my free eBook I wrote on my diet plan. Either way check out my transformation on my site! thanks!

  20. This video is really inspiring! I have been trying to become more fit and healthy . Thanks for this great video!

  21. Inspiring !! What is ur height ??? I would like to get down to ur weight but height is a big part :) live this video

  22. @kbwzijn you are correct. you can make your workout sessions much more productive if your eating the right foods to avoid fat and belly. And My international body building trainer also recommended this 7 food elements to kill your fat belly. i found it here ==>