25 Responses to “Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition Season 2 Episode 1 720p HDTV”

  1. Sadly, over 70% of grownups within the united states . states are overweight and slimming lower is clearly an obsession for most people. Finding a powerful way to shed extra pounds is among the most significant items that you might do. Thanks for your video. Continue the truly amazing work!

  2. what an amazing person ….weight loss would have been the last on my list if priorities if had to endure half the trauma that he has had through the one year bravo man bravo

  3. Tony is amazing :) )

  4. I am sick of this muthafuckn snakes in this muthafckin plane!

  5. wowwowowowowoow

  6. i wanna be 100 years old and finish makeover and get a 100,000$ for my 100th birthday!

  7. He has that Samuel L Jackson lookalike.

  8. who cares if u look older but the only thing that matters that he feels younger :D

  9. Chris looking and waving like a creeper in the window. lol

  10. Wow inspirational


  12. How do you sign up?

  13. Is Tony wearing a fitbit?

  14. this made me cry so much….. 

  15. manchesterunited2008 Reply August 12, 2012 at 12:55 am

    Wow. I salute you Tony!

  16. I’m so thankful for seeing this!! I am going through a weight loss transition myself at the moment, trying to loose 130lbs. I have many obstacles as well as health problems that get in my way. I am very inspired by this story. I balled my eyes out watching this. Great work Tony you look amazing!!

  17. This man was persistent and had a goal and a vision and all of us need to apply that into our lives. What he went through were obstacles in his life but he maintained focus. WOW just an amazing story that can impact anyone. Congratulations Tony

  18. Hey, have you wondered about this thing called the Fat Blast Furnace? (look for it on google). My dad says it helps people burn fat.

  19. HE didnt look 50 when he was fat….but now he lost all that weight he looks much older!

  20. Hahaha I love the fake acting in all the American shows. I know losing weight isn’t fake, but the acting and such HAHAHA. Sitting eating cake with a camera up his face and then the trainer says “he has no idea i’m here” hahahhahaa…. can’t believe people believe in that shit.

  21. Chris Powell gives the best hugs<33

  22. The most inspirational video I’ve ever watched in a long long time. His whole life totally transformed in that one year and what amazes me the most is that he didnt let those difficulties in his life stop him. Instead, he overcame them like a true man. All the best to him and his wife! I also really like how Chris helped Tony not just as a trainer but also taking that extra step to help Tony in his life.

  23. This is so fucking amazing, thank you for the upload!

  24. I cried. :’( This guy is amazing.

  25. God bless this man.