Fast Weight Loss Diet – 7 Day Belly Blast Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan fast weight loss diet called the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet. If you are looking for a fast weight loss diet plan and need weight loss forever you can find help in this diet. The 7 Day Belly Blast Diet program is designed by a renowned nutritionist and personal trainer, Josh Bezoni….

*******FOLLOW US********* Like us Subscribe to our channel: ..::Keep Focused::..Keep Positive..::Keep Moving::.. This week I discuss a few challenges Sarah and I are joining to help boost our motivation and momentum to lose weight. “weight loss motivation” “weight loss vlogs” “weight loss videos” fromflab2fabdotcom “diet and nutrition” “low carb” “kevin and sarah” “weigh in results” “transformation video”
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50 Responses to “Fast Weight Loss Diet – 7 Day Belly Blast Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan”

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  2. RegeneSlim LoseWeight Reply September 24, 2012 at 7:33 pm

    great video

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  8. Great plan losing weight. Mindset is also a big factor to lose and help keep it off for good.

  9. Are all the comments viruses?
    And those this thingy actually work??

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  14. You are all whack.

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  26. Yeah Kevin I need to get back ripped!

  27. Congrats on the loss. I have always had issues with all the baked goods around the holidays. This is my first year out of surgery so im sure it will be different now but I never seem to be able to stay away from all the cookies & candies!

  28. Peach cobbler…omg soooo gooood!!!..and o sweet potatoe pie.

  29. Hot chocolate : )

  30. New subscriber here :D I really like candy. So halloween time is always a problem haha

  31. Yay for the loss!

  32. Totally agree. I NEED to be smaller by the holidays. I always allow myself to blow up from Oct-Dec because I’m already large. Not this year!!! I will be enjoying my X-mas cookies in moderation this year!

  33. my mom home made stuffing :)

  34. I love pumpkin pie!! That is my kryptonite over the holidays. Fudge is so good too!! Actually, anything with sugar has my vote LOL

  35. Awesome! I am super happy your wife found something for herself as well Kev. Thanks for sharing the DDs info but I had no idea we would be short so many…Nice steady losses bro I like it and I am sure the wifey will bounce back this week.

  36. Peanut is so cute!!!!!! :)

  37. I’m doing the challenge too with my boyfriend! Good luck, we’re totally excited and pumped!

  38. Lol! I know! The more i thought if holiday foods, the more my mouth watered!! I have a couple rules i follow.#1: I eat things i dont cook much all year, #2 if its something i really really want, then i allow myself either 1/2 of or 1 portion, and that’s it. It work last year, and i actually lost weight thru the holidays.

  39. oh wow.sounds amazing :)

  40. mine is too.maybe me asking about food was a bad idea lol :)

  41. the gain has helped motivate her so she is pumped now!. thanks for the comment. hope your having a good day

  42. oh my i think i should have not asked about food lol now im hungry!! those sound amazing.

  43. christmas cookies mmmm love it!

  44. the gain has lit a fire under her so shes okay with the gain.shes pumped. thanks for the comment brookie.

  45. thank you :)

  46. thanks so much :)

  47. thanks heather :) the gain his lit a fire under sarah so its ok for the gain.sometimes a gain has to motivate us. yumy we love home dressing./stuffing. i love thanksgiving time. ive just gotta learn portion control. peanut says hi! lol :)

  48. i guess i shouldnt have asked about food because reading all these comments, now im hungry lol thanks for the comment and support. :)

  49. thanks so much. this gain has lit a fire under sarah so she is glad for the gain! your support means the world to us!

  50. He says hi rob and dexter…thank you.sarah is actually thankful for the gain,it has lit a fire under her :) mm chex mix my mom will make some and roast it or bake it in the oven.