How I Lost Weight

Camera I use: Tripod: Lipstick: Weight Loss, Discipline Dieting and Exercise THere really isn’t a secret for weight loss. It’s all about setting your mind to a goal and doing whatever it takes to accomplish it Right now I am a size 0 in pants, S in shirts, 120 pounds and 5’4″. I went from 140 to 120. You will never see me drink more than one or two drinks, I am an avid yogi and spinner, I’m always at the gym. Nothing worth having ever came easy but if you guys make the workouts fun, then it’ll be much easier to lose weight! Sign up for my website! Find me on Twitter! http Facebook! Find me on my blog! (I post OOTDs daily) My “professional” blog http Instagram Email me: Other videos from me: How I cleared up my skin! My Skincare routine: 3 Secrets to Success: How i lost weight:
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We’ve gone on a bit of a diet/had a lifestyle change, and we’ve lost a good amount of weight in the process. Here’s what we did to drop the pounds. Subscribe for more Videos! ☞ Read more about it on our blog: ☞ Check it out on Facebook: ☞ Chat with us on Twitter ☞
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “How I Lost Weight”

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  3. What size were you at 140?

  4. Thank you for this video

  5. You’re so cute! :*

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  7. step 1???? where is steps 2 3 4 or whatever????

  8. Mee too :( But everytime i think about going to the gym or running in public I feel like crap and feel so insecure. :(

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  18. I do want to make a change, but my mums different, i know how she would react. She’ll be like you’re already skinny. and probably give me the talk of how im young, and my sisters the worst,she’ll say why and give me a lecture. =3 thanks i will tell her when my sister isn’t around. x

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  21. I’m 14. and my parents know i want to lose weight, so i let them know what i wanted to do. and asked them to pick up certain things at the store for me. and maybe let them know that you want to eat healthier dinners. I’m sure they will do it for you, if you really want to make a change. (:

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  23. watching this video while eating candy….

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  26. Asian without rice is like Mexicans without beans 

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  28. I laughed out loud at don’t take it in the butt… but why the subliminal messages?? I’ve seen a few of them.


  30. CappuccinoLover101 Reply November 15, 2012 at 6:43 pm

    Ahahaha EXACTLY! All my friends are like, why are there so many shoes here? Finally!! Someone who understands!!!

  31. Just like having no shoes when you go into a house.. LOL

  32. CappuccinoLover101 Reply November 15, 2012 at 8:14 pm

    Its not an asian motto, its an asian law. No rice= No asian O.O

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    :04 second mark, top right wall of the box…
    I see what you did there simonandmartina… I see what you did.

  34. I got my parents to buy organic coconut oil at Costco on a whim, after hearing about all the health benefits, and I really recommend that you at least try it. It is solid or liquid depending on the room temp, but it literally melts on your finger. Now, it DOES add a coconut flavor to many dishes (you can tone it down by using olive or another oil at the same time). Usually the flavor is a yummy bonus, but there are some times it clashes with the dish’s own flavors, so use discretion. ^^

  35. used to be teachers, they are full time blogger now

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  39. Epic dance parties actually sounds like a cool way to get exercise, I might try that

  40. “don’t do it rice, no……” lmao

  41. What is the healthcare system like in Korea? Is there a National Health Insurance system like in Japan? Is healthcare cheap in Korea?

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  43. coconut oil i’ve heard is supposedly to be SO good. i might actually try it :3

  44. Martina;s face @ 1:51 XD

  45. How can you guys stand listening to Pon Pon Pon. That song is so cute, it’s evil!!! I’m not joking, it gives the creeps just thinking about it Y.Y


  47. uwahh, I never knew that carbs in rice and noodles were that bad D: I eat it almost every day

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