How To Lose Weight Fast In The Bathroom (Without Taking A Shit) = more workouts to make you look good naked Want to be 5 pounds lighter after using the bathroom without actually taking a shit? Well, after you spend 20 minutes in the bathroom doing the workout in the video above – you may not exactly lose 5 pounds right away but you will lose 5 pounds each week for your first 1-to-3 weeks and then finally when you have only 15 pounds to lose you’ll lose less than 2 pounds a week and… Tell all of your friends, family and even your enemies about this ultimate bathroom workout because… No one should never again have an excuse for not working out. This video proves you do not need fancy equipment or a lot of space to work out to look good naked. Also try to eat right at least 70-to-80 of the time and if you are comfortable counting calories then do that as well and as a general rule of thumb… Ladies you may want to stick to a 1200-to-1500 calorie diet and don’t automatically go for the 1200 only calorie diet. Try to eat a range of 1200-to-1500 calories daily so you won’t drive yourself crazy always trying to eat an exact amount of calories and the same goes for you guys but… Guys you want to eat 1500-to-2000 calories per day to lose weight and I’m not going to spend too much time talking about diet here (watch later videos for that but back to the workout above…) Try to do the workout at least 3 days per week (or even only 2 days per week) when you first start out and as you get more in shape or more fit you can
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25 Responses to “How To Lose Weight Fast In The Bathroom (Without Taking A Shit)”

  1. Mom walked in told I was masturbating…easier to explain.

  2. ive always said every time some goes to the restroom. they can exercise. its easy to remember and fit a quick workout in..

  3. I am sitting

  4. of course

  5. Can I do these with out shoes on?

  6. nausikaaleukolenos Reply August 21, 2012 at 6:38 am

    How tall are you? The scale doesn’t matter, just look at the mirror and don’t compare your weight with others. Your friend may be shorter than you, or have lighter bones or less muscle mass. Anyway, lose 20 or 30 lbs in such a short time is bad, apart of extremely difficult, expecially at your age. You’ll end up losing more muscle mass than fat, and gain back most of the fat later.
    Sorry for my broken english :)

  7. *for

  8. Thank you so much or your videos Ive gotten back in shape because of the motivation you gave me!

  9. anyone know approx. how many calories this vid burns??

  10. I hope this works cause im 12 and i am 124 pounds and my friends are like 70 or 80 pounds and ill be going clothes shopping next month for school and i wanna at least be 100 or in the 90 so please PLEASE! WORK! Because im a fatty!!

  11. “No one should never again have an excuse for not working out. This video proves you do not need fancy equipment or a lot of space to work out to look good naked.”

  12. He got me when he said , ” This is not a movie ! This is a work out! Don’t sit there and watch this ! Stand up and do something!” lolool -.-

  13. i want that shirt.

  14. Also – during the 10-sec breaks, I’ve been doing squats. SO GOOD!!

  15. Love! I alternate the skiing with fast jumping jacks and butt kicks. I sweat more doing this 20-minute workout than during my 1-hour jogs in Prospect Park.

  16. With this exercise and dieting foods, I have actually lost 22lbs in 1 and a half months. Thank you so much I’ve been looking for something like this to help me lose weight, I’m still going and using this :)

  17. lmfao you crack me up. nice videos and i’m gonna check our your website
    thanks for all the info ^_^

  18. I’m still confused. Is he sliding his feet or jumping? I live in an apartment with thin walls. Will this annoy my downstairs neighbors?

  19. cool exercise but i cant shuffle… Im not fat just trying to stay slim

  20. Sup, have you seen this thing called the Fat Blast Furnace? (check google). My brother says it helps people lose weight easily.

  21. I like you. Cool idea to help people burn fat. Well done.

  22. That gadorade looks like pee

  23. you should charge $5 every pound they loose, if that were the case i would owe you $100, thanks man i lost 20 pounds already

  24. @woptyga yeah. You are smart if you understand you need to eat right at your age to kill your belly. Between I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard. worth watch here now >>>

  25. Hahahha lol