Introduction and 13 question weight loss tag.

Introduction and 13 question weight loss tag.

Find me on my fitness pal! 1. When were you first called fat? 2. What was your first diet? 3. What was your worst diet? 4. Do you have “red light” foods? Do you eat them or avoid them? 5. Have you ever been at goal? Are you at goal? 6. In your opinion, what is more important: diet or exercise? 7. Are you losing weight for an event? 8. Do you have support? 9. What does “healthy eating” mean to you? 10. Do you exercise? 11. If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would you say? 12. Do you feel guilty after you binge or overeat? 13. Are you comfortable naked in front of your partner (or friends!)
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5 Responses to “Introduction and 13 question weight loss tag.”

  1. yea im probably a ways away from u. Adrian is like half hr from toledo OH =)

  2. Hi!! Sorry I haven’t replied yet I’ve been slacking on the internet thing this week. I am currently catching up on your videos lol. I have been pondering weight loss surgery on and off over the years. I have never heard of Adrian Michigan lol! It must be way downstate. I live in the woods D: lol

  3. Hey just came across your channel today. Cool tag – I can definitely relate to the diet issues as ive yo-yoed pretty much my whoooole life! Im from Michigan & 23 also =) Adrian actually.

  4. Works fine on my end :-/ I had to talk quietly because it was so late. Sorry.

  5. Can’t hear you