Jeremiah on Weight Loss for Men

Jeremiah on Weight Loss for Men

How to get RIPPED & stop being FAT – get this: Hey man, Well, basically in this video JT and I go through my story on how I lost a ton of weight and people went from ignoring me to basically asking me “Hey man how did you get in shape?” If you want to be ripped, cut, lose weight, and be fit.. I understand… so this will help you. If you like it, and want my recommendation on a program you can use to get similar results, I recommend you get this now: Its a program that can help guys like us easily get in shape with a workout program anyone can do, even at home, in only 45 minutes, 4 days a week. You can learn more here: Peace, Jeremiah for Danjur PS You can use this link to share this video with your friends: PPS Also, what do you think about our free tips for Men? Let me know and leave a comment below. Also, subscribe to our channel “DANJUR” on YouTube for more great free videos.
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25 Responses to “Jeremiah on Weight Loss for Men”

  1. i was 132 kilos.
    Depressed, definitely no confidence, no luck with girls, 17 years old and completely miserable with life.
    now im 85 kilos…. 8 months of training and strict dieting, and i have now began to train even harder, faster, longer, stronger, stricter, and am training for natural body building next year… :) Please like this comment, my channel is dedicated to helping people and tracking my own journey…
    please like, subscribe, share…
    thankyou so much if you do.

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