Kat Green weight loss chef interviewed at Woodstock Fruit Festival

Kat Green weight loss chef interviewed at Woodstock Fruit Festival. Kat Green’s weight loss recipe book www.lulu.com Kat Green’s youtube channel. www.youtube.com NOTHING rivals the heatlh and weight loss benefits of the 80/10/10 raw vegan lifestyle. Sure it can be hard to find enough fruit quality and hard to eat enough fruit cos fruit cals cos fruit doesnt have the msg, salt, spices and other taste stimulating properties BUT if you learn the ropes and hang tight you WILL reap some amazing benefits. This movement is growing MASSIVELY due to the truth being spread and people sick of fad diets that deplete their health and pockets with dangerous products and recommendations. Woodstock fruit festival is on again in 2013!!!. www.thewoodstockfruitfestival.com

How I lost 33 pounds (15kg) and dropped 4 dress sizes and kept it off through healthy eating and exercise. No diet pills, no quick fixes – just making healthy lifestyle changes. This video will go into detail about what changes I made, what exercise I do and how frequently, what I eat, and the challenges I have faced in this journey. I also write Fitness Journals and updates on my blog, please subscribe: www.misschievous.tv More videos on food and nutrition on my other channel: www.youtube.com DVDs I use: P90X, Insanity, Turbofire www.beachbody.com TWITTER: twitter.com FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com ‪apps.facebook.com Music: Eternal Hope – incompetech.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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46 Responses to “Kat Green weight loss chef interviewed at Woodstock Fruit Festival”

  1. Cool getting enough fruit thats for sure

  2. Get enough cals and you will get enough proteins. If you can run/cycle/dead lift as heavy/fast or as far as Mike Arnstein/Vlassity/myself and the rest of the fruit nut jobs then let us know. You will just need to eat more cals than us.

    If one gets enough cals from their fav fruits and veg one AUTOMATICALLY gets enough protein.

    Still if those steroid using 2kg of meat a day bodybuilders need whey protein powder on top of their 7 egg breakfast and lb can of tuna lunch then we should be dead….

  3. My bad.

    Upload us some simple recipe vids for the viewers. :)

  4. Thanks for posting Harley!
    Just wanted to clarify there is no ‘e’ in Kat :)

  5. she looks like pam from the office

  6. Haha, love the green cat pic… Come I Woodstock it was a BLAST! :-)

  7. ffewfwefew ewfwefwef Reply October 1, 2012 at 7:05 am



  8. Kat is CNP too. That book is worth the money :)

  9. if you feel you need more protein you can just eat more greens! Its not the protein we are after it is the amino acids anyway

  10. poor harley….. you made me laugh sooooo hard with this question. Maybe you can google how much proteins all the fruits you are eating gives you and you will see this is enough cos you take a lot of them.

  11. Wonderful :-) …Kate, where’s your youtube channel?!!!

  12. Nice Kat!

  13. Ha ha Garley- Harley, I’ve had too Many turkey sambos

  14. Bugger pressed dislike by mistake! sorry Garley

  15. Shit negro what a babe, Freelee watch out !

  16. Yes there is enough protein. The only thing you should add is some form of B12.

  17. Man I was looking for some real advise.

  18. ;]

  19. Another hot 811 chick in the building!

  20. 200g of whey protein powder is just enough if you eat 3 steaks a day 5 egg and a lb of turkey.

    If you are a raw vegan you will die from protein deficiency in around 72 hours.

  21. Hey man , been doing this raw vegan thing for a week now and finding it pretty easy so far just wondering if there is enough protein in my diet , I mostly eat fruit. I feel good tho is there anything I need to add to my diet?

  22. Please do not georestrict content. It makes the baby Jesus cry…

  23. Well done. Thank you.

  24. Awesome job!!!! I had the exact same experience as you!!! I was super thin and then ended up getting depressed and eating my feelings. I am 5ft 4 and weighed 117 pounds then got up to 165 pounds!!! I decided I needed to feel good about myself again and have gotten back to 125 pounds!! 40 pounds down!!! No crazy diets or pills or starving myself just a healthy diet. Portion control and exercise that I can maintain! It took me a long time but I feel great now! I used to watch your videos for make

  25. @JULIA: do you consume whole grain products like whole wheat bread and whole wheat pasta?

  26. You look amazing and I think you’re inspirational :) I’m trying to lose weight at the moment, hoping to lose 1.5 stone and become more fit and healthy…. Getting there slowly but surely. Thank you for uploading your weight loss/healthy lifestyle videos!

  27. You look absolutely fantastic!!!! Your journey and attitude has been so inspiring to me, I’m hopefully going to embark on my own weight loss journey too and have been so inspired, thank you so much and best of luck Julia! :D

  28. CherryTheBossLady Reply October 1, 2012 at 5:20 pm

    u´re amazing!! 

  29. I would love that this inspiration that you have given to me with this video, would last more than 20 min… I admire you!! I really need your discipline…

  30. haha the one bridge is in the BErner oberland :)

  31. Proud of u!

  32. I honestly thought you were much older in the before pictures.. But its an AMAZING transformation!!!!!

  33. sarai mendez badillo Reply October 1, 2012 at 8:06 pm

    i love your videos, you´re an inspiration, i´ll start a program just like you, thank you :D

  34. Awesome Lady !!!! :) I’m starting my weight loss and its been tough I Have lost 10 pounds so far I still have 45 to go :)

  35. A video where somebody actually does the work themselves finally! I was trying to get fit and loose weight and for ages I wasn’t loosing weight, I got less and less motivated but I’ve now lost 7lbs and I’m very happy and more motivated. I’ve started eaten a littl more now though and stopped drinking 2litres of waters day and exercising but this video has given me the push so thank you!! Also I love how your arms are now also and you look fab I’m trying to tone my arms like that lets hope I’m as

  36. Du kannst so stolz auf dich sein :) Ich hatte Esstörung seit ich 13 bin und musste bei manchen deiner Videos echt anfangen zu weinen. Deshalb, wirklich größten Respekt vor deiner Leistung :)

  37. i just found you on your videos on you tube and i am actually following your guidelines for everything you are very inspiring and because of all you have explained and you basically laid out a cool diet and nutrition plan that i can follow please do more. you are awsome

  38. i live in a family where they are obese, i just buy my own food to snack on, and avoid my parents food when possible

  39. Hi! Thank you so much for this video , you have truly inspired me :) . I’m currently a size 14 and would like to go to a size 6. ( what I currently was before )

  40. Julia, thank you for this video. And, I love your naip polish and eye make up

  41. Do you want to lose weight at convenience of your couch? Please visit me at subliminalexercise (dot) com for a free download.

  42. Thank you for posting these videos. I have been struggling with my weight my whole life and i had got it in my head that i could never be thin. when i watched your videos and saw that when you started, you were the exact same size as i am. and now you look amazing! i know it’s not easy and you deserve to be very proud of yourself. and thank you for the inspiration you’ve given me not to give up. :)

  43. Hihi, have you thought about this method called the Fat Blast Furnace? (look it up on google). My uncle says it helps people get thinner.

  44. I do zero exercise and it’s my worst nightmare, I truly hate exercising and I’m scared to start but I want to get fit and healthy (not just to lose weight but a lifestyle change). Insanity looks like hell! Can you go from zero exercise to doing the Insanity workout?

  45. mariella11lalalal Reply October 2, 2012 at 2:09 am

    I feel so happy for you. I had the same problem as you did. Once my organism just started to gain weight. It’s been 6 years since that time. Now I am thin. But not that happy. I was a 15 year old teenager. I was desprate and literally started exhausting myself. I wish someone helped me then so I wouldn’t have health problems now. But all my comment is not complaints. I just want to thank you Julia for your videos with useful and healthy advice! I wish I saw them 6 years ago…

  46. Great vid! But I thought size 8 is European size 36, as most size guides say so..