Medifast Austin – (512) 773-2779 – Lose Weight with Medifast Austin

Medifast Austin – Diane – (512) 773 2779 Austin Health Coaching Take Shape for Life with Medifast 5350 Burnet Road Austin, TX 78756 Lose weight fast and maintain a healthy lifestyle with Austin Health Coaching.
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I lost the Shay! Now what?! Now I’m going to start Eating Your Weight Loss Questions! Ask me anything you want about losing weight and feeling great. I’m not an expert, but I know a thing or two! — Crew Director Shay Carl Exec. Producer Michael G. Gray Producer Maria Pelletier Prod. Coordinator Jared Kowalczyk Director of Photography Tim Davis Uploader Chris Pecchenino — Subscribe to SHAYCARL: — Shay Carl, Shayloss, Shaytards, weight loss, losing weight, la marathon, Shay, Carl, Maker Studios, free video, Shay Answers, exercise advice, health advice, eating well, proper fitness

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50 Responses to “Medifast Austin – (512) 773-2779 – Lose Weight with Medifast Austin”

  1. Lost 25 lbs using the Take Shape for Life Program! Thanks Diane…this really works, just follow the simple directions as explained by Diane. The 5 x 1 and tons of water! BOOM! Down that ugly weight! Thanks again! 2 thumbs up!


  3. Nice work. 

  4. Amazing Job What Software do you use?

  5. Haha,thats insane 

  6. keep it up,you gonna be big, subbed!!!

  7. Thanks i feel lucky to have something like this, pure awesomeness!


  9. awesome idea,cool 

  10. 1 You are my favorite youtuber. 

  11. You Are Just Awesome At This And Here Is An Animal That Doesnt Exist Poodlybug

  12. Going to try it? later. Thanks

  13. Unbelievable this really is a great download, get it now while its free!

  14. awesome! 

  15. Mind-fucked, this is some crazy shit I definitly show this some friends and subscribe!

  16. (HolY MoTHER Of G0D this is by far THE MOST AWSOME clip 3v3r) 

  17. Best video ever really cool!

  18. Greatest video of all time!

  19. villalinevillaline Reply August 23, 2012 at 12:29 pm

    LOL!!!!! please make more, this is so funny!!!

  20. this really helped thanks?

  21. LOL! 

  22. I subbed because your voice is amazing! :) 

  23. i will like and fav

  24. fantasyclubonline1 Reply August 23, 2012 at 2:41 pm

    this video earned you a sub!

  25. i lost 100 pounds now since i’ve followed shay :)

  26. i do cross country for 3 hours, and than do Tae Kwon Do for and hour, and i’m under weight. but i love sports and i will never stop, i was extremely over weight. but now i’m an athlete. I AM SOO PROUD OF MY SELF!

  27. First time I saw this I was like WHO THE FUCK IS THAT?

  28. Hello, have you tried the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (do a google search). My uncle told me it helps people get thinner easily.

  29. Bodyfat % and waist size is what matters.

  30. Is being 5’4″ and 128 lb ok?

  31. Could Everyone Thumbs Up This Comment Its Really Important For Him To See Thank You.
    Hey Shay There’s This YouTube’r His A Gamer (Wings Of Redemption) His Trying To Lose Weight He Has A Hard Time Finding Shoes & Other Personal Stuff Going On In His Life But Losing Weight Is One Of His Big Goals In Life, I Would Appreciated If You Could Contact Him & Help Him. Here Is His Twitter Name @WORICP & His Youtube Name Wings Of Redemption

  32. RainingMiceAndMen Reply August 23, 2012 at 7:44 pm

    @TheErin20122000 walk or ride your bike to school every day. When I was twelve my school stopped giving me a bus so I had to walk every day even in the snow. Also, bring fruits and veggies in your lunch and don’t trade for chips or cookies (I did all the time) and always bring a water bottle and drink water all the time.

  33. Shay I am a young teen and I know I can’t do everything the adults can do with exercising and marathons. In gym I am one of the last ones to finish the mile and I am tired, huffing and puffing and I walked a lot of it. Do you have any tips for me.

  34. Shay are you still going to keep up with shaytards and everything you do along with shay loss because I loved the shayards. So please keep doing shaytards too.

  35. Ya but if she were to eat the junk food again she would gain the 15-25lbs back again fast. You have to work out for it to keep off the weight longer

  36. dude i havent seen you for over a year and wow you look great you look just like michael from BURN NOTICE

  37. “All grain is ordained for the use of man and of beasts… and these (meats) hath God made for the use of man only in times of famine and excess of hunger”.

    - Mormon Doctrine & Covenants 89

    Are you guys still eating meat?

  38. running shouldn’t hurt your joints! land on the balls of your feet instead of your heels

  39. hahaha he like flails around that dog

  40. burpees!


  42. This video is GREAT!! For anyone looking for more advice, I found a free ebook that discusses weight-loss secrets at dietwithoutpain. com

  43. One hour at a time per day that is.

  44. Endurance training for more than one hour is bad for your heart.

  45. You’re amazing Shay. Thank you for this:)

  46. Good god get rid of the beard and the beer belly youve got a totaly diffrent person o.o

  47. What do you do if you can’t walk?

  48. My mom lost about 15-25 lbs by just getting rid of junk food. She doesn’t excersize, she has a desk job but she lost the weight. It took a few months but it worked great for her.

  49. i think fruit is definitely a very big big help to losing weight, but people don’t realize they can eat a lot of it and not worry about gaining weight. a lot of fad diets say to cut out fruits, but that’s terrible. even normal healthy diets ppl have been told to eat fruits but not go overboard because fruits are full of sugar, but that is so wrong. ive been eating way more fruit lately and i feel amazing.