My Weight Loss Tupperware Trick

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25 Responses to “My Weight Loss Tupperware Trick”

  1. Hi Brenda! u r such an inspiration! I’ve tried the cal counting and ww thing and find myself not stickin 2 it after a month max so im gonna give this tupperware thing a go. it also seems a lot less stressful than counting things all the time.i was wondering if u could help me(and others who r interested) with meal ideas for the week like you did here plus the portions. i know u said 2 eat 3-4 containers(plus 2 snacks)of a lean protein,veg &fat but i need help with ideas. thanks so much ~Danielle

  2. do you refrigerate the container? if so how do you get the vegetables so they dont get foggy? Also do you eat the protein cold?

  3. Great Tip!!

  4. The only thing about this idea is that it is better to cut your veggies right before you’re going to eat them, unless part of the vitamines will go away

  5. living4himjoshayden Reply October 31, 2012 at 4:49 am

    What kind salad dressing would you buy other than Trader Joes? Can you give any recipes for salad dressing please? Love all your knowledge, everything is so doable to me:)

  6. This is by far my most favorite video/review that you have shared. I love seeing people buying healthy groceries and I am so glad you use the tupperware!! I get made fun of for packing my own lunch, but its pays off. Im 6’0” and Im super athletic so I eat a lot. Thanks for sharing your video!

  7. I just ran across ur youtube vids and absolutely love your energy. Keep doing what you’re doing!! I hate when people tell you to elliminate every food on the face of this earth to stay “healthy”- thats when you ignore and move on.What’s a girl to eat,cardboard? Great tips- I’ll def be watching all 59 vids.

  8. love your you eat a dressing with these meals or just alone?

  9. i love love love your kitchen!

  10. Verry verry good…
    & you are verry beauty… my sweety…

  11. what is ur opinion on couscous?

  12. Hey Brenda,
    I am trying to work out and lose weight. would i add brown rice and/or starchy carb to the salad? or eat on the side? does it matter that much? Also, what are some other starchy carbs that would be good? :)

  13. Love your videos!! Can you please give weight loss advice for new mommies that are breast feeding? I’m 9 months post and my baby refuses to be weaned. I have a total of 85 pounds to lose. Also, I’m about 5’11. How much weight should I be losing per month? What foods should I be eating? What can I do to lose this weight while BF :( Please help. Keep up the good work we love your videos!!

  14. Great Video and sound advice…

  15. Awesome video! Thank you!

  16. you probolly raised the sales on purple onions just bye saying there your favorite 

  17. Im changing my eatting habits and thank you for this video im goung to do it. And i wanted to know how many of does do u eat a day and how many snacks. O and can i put lemon juice in my water?? Please answer.

  18. You are very knowledgable, and I don’t feel like you are preaching to us! Thank you so much for sharing, this has been very helpful!

  19. Who doesn’t like sundried tomatoes? Me :D Nevermind. Planning to move to Canada from the UK in September and hope to slim down by then. Wish me luck :) 

  20. Salad dressing recipes please!?

  21. Wow!! this was a great video/idea!!! Definitely helps organize and simplify your life if you do this so there are no excuses about not having time or money or energy to prepare a healthy meal. thanks for the great video Brenda!!

  22. Im new in your channel , and I love the ideas that you are giving in this tutorial thanks for you time to show us , how we can do better on our diet !!

  23. So how many days to you plan in advance so that your food doesn’t go bad? Do you have a limit?

  24. awesome, i’m def going to try this for hubby and i…keep the videos coming

  25. I just bought my Tupperware containers yesterday! So ready to try this because I feel like I’ve tried everything and I would lose like 20lbs but gain it right back. Im finally in the right frame of mine to lose the weight for good. Finally Im doing this truly for myself and for my health and for no one else=)