Peter Needs to Spell It Out – S2 E3

Peter draws something a little surprising when he’s supposed to be offercising. Is his body trying to send him a message? Subscribe to 3V: All Episodes of YouCube: More Shows from 3V: Meet Peter. He started a blog called Peter’s Offercises about how to stay fit when you’re trapped in a cubicle all day. His blog got the attention of some of his co-workers at GoB_Ler, the internet company where he works. There’s Amy, Peter’s dream girl, the office weirdo Arnold, and the boss, Derek, who loves giving high fives and thumbs up. Watch them every week on YouCube!

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6 Responses to “Peter Needs to Spell It Out – S2 E3”

  1. It would be a shame if you did not get ripped when other people accomplish it easily using Lean Body Maximizer (Google it).

  2. These videos are original, entertaining, humorous, and make me feel happy enough to smile and chuckle to my self alone at my computer. These are incredibly well done. I can’t see why they’re not more popular.

  3. Who plays the song at the end of the video? I dig it.

  4. i want to puke rainbows now because that was so cute! And I have an awesome new way of stretching!

  5. awww…..

  6. These videos always make me feel better about life. I was having a bad day and couldn’t shake feeling icky. You warmed my heart and brought a smile to my face :)