Trainer Regains Fit Body After Weight-Gain Experiment: Fit2Fat and Back: A Weight-Gain Journey

How personal trainer Drew Manning packed on the pounds and lost them again.
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22 Responses to “Trainer Regains Fit Body After Weight-Gain Experiment: Fit2Fat and Back: A Weight-Gain Journey”

  1. lol wtf!

  2. My coworkers laughed when I told them I was going to lose fat with “Lean Body Maximizer”, but then they saw the results. Go and google “Lean Body Maximizer” to see their reaction. (You should see their faces!)

  3. Nice work homie !

  4. holy crap, the interviewer has a MASSIVE head!

  5. If you seriously want to burn fat fast, you should look up on google Zippy Fat Loss. They can guide you and help you get the body you deserve.

  6. so the truth comes out at the end.. did it all for what ?

  7. It would be a shame for you not to get ripped when normal people accomplish it so easily with Atomic Fat Loss (check it out on Google).

  8. Theres no way that a “fit” dude maintained a weight of 193 lbs by eating 2000 calories a day.

  9. Uchiha Jinchuriki13 Reply October 19, 2012 at 8:52 am

    Now you know how it feels to be fat.

  10. for someone trying to maintain a healthy good weight what should you eat?

  11. Sadly, over 70% of grownups within the united states . states are overweight and slimming lower is clearly an obsession for most people. Finding a powerful way to shed extra pounds is among the most significant items that you might do. Thanks for your video. Continue the truly amazing work!

  12. this made me motivated to get in shape 

  13. Couple of things that really helped him out with this is that he already knows exactly the kinds of foods he should eat and the kind of workouts he should be doing to help him lose the weight faster. Especially knowing what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. Someone who is trying to lose weight through a diet will be too blind to know and might accidentally eat too much healthy foods in one setting creating no weight loss or even weight gain.

  14. I’m glad he went through this, nothing worse than a life time skinny trainer who has no idea, what the client has/is going through. He now knows how embarassing being overweight with your shirt off is.

  15. wow he reminded me of adam sandler

  16. He could have gave himself a heart attack!

  17. Now imagine being an NFL lineman. This guy can’t even go up a set of stairs at 260.

  18. But he still knows a better understanding. All of his muscle wasn’t just covered by fat, your muscle starts to go away after a while .

  19. real out of shape people would not have as much muscle underneath as he did, which made it much easier fir him ti drop weight as when he stated working out his muscles needed to feed

  20. motivation

  21. wow idolo

  22. really man? thats not the point