Weigh In: 1 Year Weight Loss Anniversary

wooohooo I made it 1 whole year! now its time to focus on toning and losing the last bit of my weight. on to a new stage in my journey

The banana girl gives you some tips on how to get lean. Freelee talks about the importance of cutting salt out, adding in high intensity fitness sessions and more. Join over 5000 banana girls here www.facebook.com

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49 Responses to “Weigh In: 1 Year Weight Loss Anniversary”

  1. so i want to start my weight loss mission and i came across ur page and im am SOOOO inspired by you so as a sister can you offer up a few of the recipes that you used and how were sure of the correct portions when serving youself because so far thats my problem also was there a time at night that you would not eat after?

  2. WOW.. JUST WOW.. you’re amazing

  3. Amazing….just gorgeous.

  4. I’m impress with the hard work u put in to lose all that weight.

  5. and you look beautiful darling….I need your motivation so I can loose 80lbs.

  6. Thanks for Sharing Girl … Conrgats on everything

  7. Congrats on staying committed to your health journey. I also agree that dress looks incredible on you! Where did you get it? Love the color too! Keep it up, girl

  8. Yes, Insanity is a geat workout to tone….I have those DVDs and I used them 3 days a week and I did see a noticable difference in my body.

  9. You have done a great job and you look amazing!!

  10. no i have not. but at the end of my journey if i have to i will.

  11. Your amazing!!!!

  12. I just love your channel!

    I,ve been watchin ur videos for last 1 month.Its been so encouragin & motivatin.ur videos r so real that I had to believe that anyone can lose weight as I used to belief that only people who work really hard at gym r the only one who can lose weight.I dd not know the importance of diet.My yoga trainer told me about the importance of diet.Then I started to search on internet for each and every details and came to know about u.U have been very encouraging.Thank you.

  14. I’d like to know if you have had any plastic surgery for excess skin and such. I understand if you do not wish to respond to my question. I wish you the best you look great!

  15. you look fantastic!! Your truly an inspiration. Love ya!

  16. Congratulations! You look absolutely beautiful! Thank you for giving me the kick in the butt I needed to keep going.

  17. What about jillian michael 90 program Body Revolution that would be a good one also after the Sepreme 90. Your doing so good keep up the good work sista

  18. Congrats to you! You are an inspiration to me to keep going. Thank you for sharing and showing that it can be done.God bless.

  19. i’m a new subscriber and I was watching your first video and now watching this, all I want to do is congratulate you on the incredible journey you decided to embark on. this was truly inspiring and I wish you all the best on the rest of your journey! amazing!

  20. You look amazing !!! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  21. Wow!!! Congratulations!!! You look great!

  22. thank you!

  23. GlossyPinkPrincess Reply August 31, 2012 at 5:13 pm

    That dress is super flattering on your body type

  24. You are SUCH an inspiration. I pushed my weight loss even more after watching your videos. Congratulations on your weight loss!!!!”

  25. That is amazing! You have inspired me and I’m sure so many others. God bless!

  26. I feel like you both are obsessed with looking skinny. Why not talk about being healthy instead.

  27. ohhmyygoddd :O FREELEA YOU HAVE THE MOST AMAZING BODY…ahh self esteem- 0.

  28. thanks for info. finding out Salt is my biggest issue with weight gain. have already cut out sodas so now no more salt .


  30. AnimalsMakeYouLOL Reply August 31, 2012 at 9:38 pm

    All of them..You need to eat High carb, low fat, vegan for optimal health

  31. Sometimes I feel like such a failure.Keep failing at the HCLF raw food lifestyle.I want to look like Freelea.Gotta buy her book.

  32. haha sorry can’t make any promises on that one XD

  33. EcoEarthAwareHumans Reply August 31, 2012 at 10:35 pm

    they have a video on b12

  34. EcoEarthAwareHumans Reply August 31, 2012 at 11:09 pm

    so good to hear you two laugh from your hearts. Always thank you.

  35. I’ve been on a all pizza diet for about a year now and I was wondering if I’ll get enough salt. Should I put salt on my pizza?

  36. can you do a video just on b12 shots?

  37. I wish I could stick to fruit and veg only, but I have a problem with sugar. I eat 500 cals a day, and I have 1 free day per week, which I eat 1000 cals. Half my cal intake comes from sugary foods. I run 30km per week (5k a day, except on Saturday’s) with intensity (1 min fast, 2 min slow) I do weights occasionally, and situps etc i also take these vitamins: mega Bs, Calcium + D, Vitamin C powder,Fish oil, magnesium, liver detox, and a green multivitamin drink that tastes like..revolting. Is th

  38. Can toxins in your lymphatic system cause serious problems, like a malfunction of the lymphatic valve? Like toxins from a lifetime of booze, cigs etc? (asking about a friend who has lymphatic problems)God that chick has an amazing body.

  39. Hi Freelea! I just started a kickboxing class. Is there any particular fruits or veggies that I should increase in my diet?

  40. Thanks… you guys are both beautiful inside and out. You’re helping a lot of people get back in control of their health. :)

  41. So its not ok to have “fragmented” salt but its fine to drink store bought OJ and other “fragmented” fruits?

  42. Hahahah i am PREGNANT + SLOB i was wandering the same thing after i have baby will i be able to be slob and lose weight :D

  43. do you eat avocados, i love that its keeps me slim

  44. Your bike is brown and you should feel brown

  45. Freelea…….so pretty. You guys kick ass! (no donkeys were harmed for this comment)

  46. im interested in seeing her body, i think it’s extremely important to see how healthy and fit she is! it makes the message far more credible.

  47. thanks so much!! 

  48. Durianriders deleted me. wow I think he deleted me!! Sorry if I offend you by my question!! I love you guys! I’ve been been on the raw vegan diet for about a month now and I’ve lost lots of weight and my boobs where the first thing to go! lol so I was just asking if hers are al or not. Again sorry if I offended you!!