Weight Loss Challenge – Day 1 (2009)

My very first weight-loss video. Posting this is so bittersweet… On one hand, I get to laugh at my dorky, 16-year-old self. On the other hand, this vlog serves as a reminder of my constant weight-loss struggles. Since this video, I actually GAINED 30 pounds, reaching the dreaded 180′s (thanks to an incredibly stressful senior year). Currently, I’ve lost some weight since then, but am still heavier than I was in this video (plateauing in the 160′s). While watching this, I think to myself, ‘Damn! I WISH I was 152 pounds now! If only I knew what was going to happen to me…’. I’m still trying to lose the weight, and I’m still struggling (mainly because of my eating problems). However, I’m not giving up until I get healthy. No matter what. I’ve made several weight-loss videos other than this one, which were all posted on YouTube at some point. However, all were deleted because I never reached my weight-loss goals. I do plan on making a weight/health-related video (or a series of videos) for my main channel some time in the near future. I’m just afraid of failing yet again… Wow, sorry for that wall of test. Also, I’m sorry about not brushing my hair for this video. What the hell was I thinking?! I look like such a hot mess! LOL! I’m sorry for the n00bish way I held my camera throughout most of the video. And lastly, I’m sorry for uploading 3 old vlogs in one day. This is the last one for tonight, I promise!

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