Weight Loss Discussion + How I Lost 100 Pounds

Still working hard towards my goals…Im not done yet, but maybe some of the things that helped me can also help you…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

“Moneyball” star discuses how he dropped over 30-pounds.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Weight Loss Discussion + How I Lost 100 Pounds”

  1. thank you jeff.Very inspiering

  2. i like pizza

  3. What you said about growing only in the night, if there are parents there that want to get their kids to sleep better tell them it’s between 10pm to 4am.
    My coach told me that in 7th grade and I don’t know if it’s true but I’m 6.3 feet now.

  4. congrades on your 100 lost happy for you

  5. ShockBangHorrorHD Reply October 1, 2012 at 4:35 pm

    when i first watched this i was 6 foot 5 and and nearly 260lbs and since ive watched this i am now 197lbs and i want to personaly thank you

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  7. Thyagu Loganathan Reply October 1, 2012 at 5:40 pm

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  8. holy shit bro you are looking GREAT! Keep it UP!

  9. The faster your car goes, the harder it will be for your car to go faster.

  10. DanzigerTotenkopf Reply October 1, 2012 at 7:18 pm

    Jeff is a true patriot. Losing weight forhimself and his country. He also defends all of the amendments to the constitution.

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  12. yeah, the program is very achievable. It has a
    very supportive yet always ensures the sessions
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  14. Most of my work colleagues cycle to work and i would like to try it out as well. I recently bought myself a bicycle. I enjoyed cycling very much (last time was maybe seven years ago) And the good thing about it is that i can get literally anywhere around the town when i need to get something. Only thing that makes me unsure about that probably is the fact that i have to ride on the roads.

  15. Brilliant video. I’m trying so hard to lose weight after I injured my knees and not being able to exercise. I lost 40lbs using roca labs formula but I still have more pounds to lose. Hoping I can get back to gym once I get rid of this extra weight.

  16. Totallt agree with you. congrats with your healthy weight loss!

  17. thanks man I took me 9 months to loose 30lbs BUT I gained it back plus more but I’m going back into it

  18. I do not suggest the atkens diet because you won’t have energy witch will lead to unmotovation for working out

  19. great job man keep it up

  20. Hi there, have you considered “Belly Fat TorchMax” (just do a Google search for it…)? On their website you will find a helpful free video. It helped Mark to get rid of his stomach fat. I hope it helps you also.

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  22. 16:47 the body repairs itself when you sleep which is why it’s important to sleep in dark, quiet places. anything that creates light will impede your melanin from repairing. a study recently said that people who don’t sleep in the dark are more likely to develop skin cancer. i’m not basing my claims solely on this study but it makes sense and is related to jeff’s claim. just like you can’t work out while digesting because your body can’t do them at the same time! same concept.

  23. I think videos about weight loss are always encouraging. I just started a daily weight loss vlog to hold myself accountable and maybe help others as well. Well done. Hard work pays off!!!!

  24. @BMFandu

  25. Hi! Anyone ever tried the Fat Combust Factor (just google it)? Ive hear some awesome stuff about it and my dad burned lots of unwanted fats…

  26. Sadly, over 70% of grownups within the united states . states are overweight and slimming lower is clearly an obsession for most people. Finding a powerful way to shed extra pounds is among the most significant items that you might do. Thanks for your video. Continue the truly amazing work!

  27. He kinda looks like hitler

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  29. Hey, have you seen the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (look for it on google). My uncle says it helps people live longer fast.

  30. lol thats what i thought

  31. jonah hill was funny for being fat, skinny he just looks weird

  32. absolute bullshit, thats liposuction

  33. All these questions and interviews dedicated to ask Jonah about nothing, but his weightloss. Just proves how shallow Hollywood is.

  34. OfficialChemicalX Reply October 2, 2012 at 8:28 am

    (._.)This guy below me hahaahxD

  35. Im fucking disliking this video only cause the intro and the ending fucking pissed me off!!!

  36. The intro is fuckn’ sux make wanna shot myself

  37. Food is food

  38. AceBulletProductionz Reply October 2, 2012 at 10:23 am

    Josh Gebel = On Serioussssss Crack Overdose

  39. 2 words- pro-wrestler………fucking try me.

  40. fuck ya’ll, being fit is better then fuckin looking like someone you are used to. Gotta fuckin issue, take it up with me. I’ll knock those fuckin gold teeth outta ur mouth, make it into gold necklance, sell dat fuckin crap on ebay because it stinks like ur ass……then purchase goodies? ya, what? huh? thats what I thought bitch!!

  41. What a fucking ass.. people like junk food.. the guy loses weight and just magically grows up.

  42. such a lame intro for a show

  43. I liked him better when he was fat tbh. Well he’s still cute! He’s like a big 5 year old!

  44. Hey, have you seen this plan called the Fat Blast Furnace? (google it). My buddy says it helps people lose weight faster.

  45. Like I said, he has a huge double chin like I get when I’m 20-30 lbs overweight.

  46. I have a question, have you seen this method called the Fat Blast Furnace? (check google). My mother says it helps people melt fat.

  47. TheBrittanySeventeen Reply October 2, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    uh, not in this interview he’s not overweight….

  48. I always thought he was hot ;)

  49. he looks good ;) ive always thought he that he was good looking though

  50. No, you can’t say he’s annoying unless you’ve met him. Guarantee you didn’t and if you say you did, but have no proof you probably didn’t.

    Like I said. He’s famous and happy. And in my opinion, he’s cute.