Weight Loss Hypnosis | Instantly Create Your Ideal Weight

FREE Download of Power Affirmations Today @ www.DavidMcGraw.org (Surprise Mystery Gift Included Today Only) Discover the fastest and safest way to shed your extra weight with the Weight Loss Hypnosis Session. In this weight loss session you’ll picture your body as you’d like it to be. You’ll see or sense your body as you wish to look. And you’ll program your subconscious mind to be in complete control of your weight. And as you do you’ll find yourself becoming slim, trim and attractive. Credits Background Music By http Background Music By: www.shockwave-sound.com Cd Case Cover Created by: 9f2644t5hllqd-460p57vierby.hop.clickbank.net

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25 Responses to “Weight Loss Hypnosis | Instantly Create Your Ideal Weight”

  1. Tomorrow will be the 5th time I’ve fully listened/fell asleep to this video and I’m prettyyyyyyy sure it’s working. I still get super hungry but I work out a lot and eat decently healthy but I’ve been logging my food and it seems in the last couple days I’ve literally gotten fuller of off less food/just known when to stop eating which is unusual for me because I always over eat even then regret it later. I will continue to listen to this video

  2. Excellent vid, will post my results if any. Ps that is the sexiest hypnotist voice I’ve ever heard. It sounded so good it was hard for me to focus on your words for the first little while

  3. Ehi, I think I love you :)

  4. David rocks! I have lost 25 pounds!! Yay!

  5. oh my gosh! It works. I was slobbing and everything lol I felt an unknown force pushing me down.It amazed me but i drift father and father into it. I saw a pure bright light and even some flashes of snfowers in the field.This is wow..your the FIRST person to make me almost go to sleep.

  6. So this is day three for me. I listened twice a day and I feel I have a lot better control over what I eat. How much I eat. And when I’m full or just eating my boredom. This thing is great for me :)

  7. Yes, i recommend 7 days in a row for best results but even longer than that would be best.

  8. Awesome! Good job :)

  9. it works !! i could not believe it. I always snaked at work and my co-worker even told me that i ate all the time. I listened to this last night and today my co work told me ” you do not snake today” i do not think about food or want to snake at all. Thank you

  10. Cool. I tried it out yesterday… not sure if it worked, but I did feel relaxed! I’m sure it’ll be at least a few weeks before it really sinks in. I’ll keep you posted!

  11. yes this will definitely help you shed those extra pounds. I’m also relatively in good shape and i find that this process helps to keep me on track and also provides me with the additional motivation I need to meet my goals. Also the mp3 download also comes with a free bonus download of the Positive & Optimistic Attitude Meditation – this session will help you to remain positive and that’s essential when you’re trying to lose weight among other things. Have a great day :)

  12. it’s great to cut out the foods that aren’t serving your weight loss goals but please do not starve yourself, that method does not work for losing weight. Keep up the great work :)

  13. Thx but without ur help i wouldnt have made so much progress

  14. I’ve always been interested in hypnosis. I’m already pretty fit, but have some areas of fat I’d like to work on. They are my trouble spots. Will this work for me? Is this session the same as the one on the CD, or are there more on it?

  15. Awesome! Good job :) 

  16. So far in 4 days i lost 5 lbs!!! YAYAYAYAY THQNK U SOOO MUCH……

  17. Well for me ive been cutting my meals in half… The a couple days ago i began not wanting to eat at all bit this vid is awesome

  18. Great! How has your results been so far?

  19. Awesome! How’s results so far?

  20. it’s perfectly fine if you fall asleep – the positive messages will still reach the unconscious mind and that’s great because it will help you to make the positive changes that you desire. keep me posted on your progress :)

  21. You’re welcome and thank you for your kind words :)

  22. Great! i’m looking forward to hearing your results.

  23. Omg that was so relaxing…. Thank u sooo much… In a week or 2 ill tell u my results

  24. You’re voice makes me fall asleep every time. It’s so soothing, and then as soon as you say you’re about to count down or just click out of the vid. i’m like -shuts lap top off…sleeep- I don’t know if it’s working yet. but I do know, I’m more zen like since listening to you. So whatever you’re doing, you’re doing right i think. thank you.

  25. None of these hypnosis things really worked for me but this one. I feel great.