Weight Loss Talk: Are You Ready?

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24 Responses to “Weight Loss Talk: Are You Ready?”

  1. I have to keep watching this to keep myself inspired. right now 293 from 340. congratulations on the weight loss, hopefully soon i can say the same.

  2. Sadly, over 70% of grownups in the usa are overweight and slimming lower is certainly an obsession for a number of people. Finding a good way to shed weight is considered the most significant stuff that an individual may do. I appreciate your video. Continue the truly amazing work!

  3. @haroof Well… What does it take to become an expert on loosing weight? As far as I can tell, if you have lost weight, you can pretty much teach other people how to do it.

  4. Hi, have you thought about this plan called the Fat Blast Furnace? (go search google). My father in law says it helps people lose weight faster.

  5. I have a question, have you heard of this program called the Fat Blast Furnace? (google it). My mother in law says it helps people burn fat.

  6. Wait a sec you 24 years old.

  7. dude takes to long to loose weight.

  8. Hey dude I plan on workin out in the mornings for about 30 to 45 minutes and then goin back at it at night for 30 min to an hour. I plan on eating a lot more salads and healthy regular foods. Cuz dude I’m younger than u and I think I’m worse but yea is this a good plan. I can still get the necessary amount of sleep and nutrition but is this a good plan or should I add more to it. I plan on doing this every day but at least 5 days a week

  9. Shut yer ass.

  10. Excuse him for trying to give someone some hope by relating to them and letting them know how he approached losing weight. As soon as someone just tries to help people there’s always a hater. Never fails.

  11. I had an incident similiar to that heart attack of yours, found out i got two blood clots stuck in my lungs, for a month i simply thought i was sick with a cold or something…bam got checked out…two blood clots….Could’ve died….Really wakes you up just like you said…great video man really motivates everyone…

  12. Woaaaah. Nice job!

  13. damn bro. well at least now you found a solution too the problem. stay healthy.

  14. niggers smell like pencil shavings

  15. Awesome. 

  16. Basically. I was like, “I want to live past 70…and I’m dyeing in my 20′s????”

  17. HEY! AcidSnake87,, love you!! but dont spam me favorites vids with over100,ooo,hits,? have already seen it, like months ago,! ,AcidSnake87 fans!

  18. thats good you bettered your self bro. when you had that heart attack, what did the doctors tell you? they were prolly thinking you are hella young too have a heart attack. damn

  19. i’ve watched this 3 times now. fellow gamer who is trying to get in shape as well. very, very inspiring.

  20. I stated early in the video that I am no expert. I’m simply sharing my experience and what worked for me, therefor your comment is invalid and your trolling points are down by 5.

  21. As soon as someone loses some weight they’re all of a sudden an expert LOL. Never fails.

  22. Yes. It sucked >.>

  23. Did you really have a minor heart attack?

  24. :D DDD I love these weight loss videos, I’m skinny but I feel like they will help my mental health.