Weight Loss With NO Workout!

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29 Responses to “Weight Loss With NO Workout!”

  1. This video is GREAT!! For anyone looking for more advice, I found a free ebook that discusses weight-loss secrets at dietwithoutpain. com

  2. Nope…well I told her, I just didn’t warn her of when I was going to start and I don’t think she was expecting to hear it sound like I was choking, which I actually was…slightly. It ended up making for a more realistic feel to the video though:)

  3. Loved the reaction of your wife xD You din’t let her know you was about to do something stupid? ;p

  4. LOLZ this shit don’t work i knew i was doing something wrong lol

  5. I need protein when……. I am feeling out of energy and bored. This way i wont eat out of boredom, and ill get more satisfied AND gain energy to get out of the house and get active!!

  6. would you try insanity?

  7. I need my protein most when I am at school and after work.

  8. I need protein when I am pulling an all nighter in the library. I always want to reach for a sugary or carb-y snack, but protein is what will keep me satisfied and what will avoid crashes. Protein is essential for my works outs AND grad school. Protein bars are perfect for me, because i can keep them in my bag for class, the gym, or studying.

  9. I would like to see you as a brunette :)

    But anyway, great video!

  10. Ibouroihamadi Youssouf Jeanclaude Reply September 8, 2012 at 7:33 am

    im hapy

  11. I need protein most when I’m done my run through the park. I try to take a different trail everytime so that I don’t get bored. Afterwards I feel super tired so I def need some steak or something that will also fulfill my iron intake.

  12. I need protein most when workout and after my baseball practices. I usually grab a yummy Premium Protein bar.
    I also start my weekday mornings off with a Premium Protein Chocolate Shake for breakfast.
    I go to Costco about once a month and stock up on Premium Protein products.
    I also need protein with every meal and enjoy it very much 

  13. I need protein most when I walk out of the Bar Method studio! All of the tucking during class leaves my muscles shaking, so a snack high in protein is ideal! Plus, I’m getting married next month–so a diet high in protein has been key to gain muscle and lose fat! I’d love to try out the Premier Protein line and add it to my daily routine…! Thanks for the posts!

  14. I need protein after a long work day and hitting the gym.

  15. i need protein most when I’m at school all day especially since I’m underweight and trying to get to a healthy weight again!

  16. i need protein most when i’m running around all day at school and plan to go to the gym later at night, without the protein i would not have very much energy to get a good workout at the gym!

  17. i need protein most after a weight lifting workout when im tired and getting hungry

  18. i need protein most after i’ve had a long day of classes!

  19. ariannadubovikhealth Reply September 8, 2012 at 11:58 am

    Stop reading off a script!! It seems like you don’t really know it. But you eyes were rarely on the camera lol. I love your videos Sarah. I just want you to look at the camera. :/

  20. i need protein most when its been a long day of work

  21. I need protein most when I feel so lazy & need the energy to work out!

  22. I need protein most when I have lunch; to keep from getting that afternoon crash.

  23. I need protein most when I workout. I eat a protein meal/snack after my workouts, especially weight workouts. It gives me energy so I dont get too hungry later and helps me build muscles.

  24. I need proteins most after my morning-workout-routine to make sure I’ll stay energised for the rest of the day!

  25. I need protein most when I’m making youtube videos and getting trolled :D

  26. i need protein most when when my everyday vegan dishes dont make the cut for for my active lifestyle

  27. I need protein most when I just finished running race!

  28. I need protein most when… I’m trying to get through my work day to then enjoy my work out.

  29. I need protein most…first thing in the morning after going long hours without food =)