Weight Loss Yoga for Beginners

This routine is designed for beginners and anyone looking for a simple practice to build strength, flexibility, and promote weight loss. Get recipes and healthy things to eat here. www.tarastileseats.com More goodies and inspirational stuff here. http Yoga classes, workshops, trainings &more. www.stralayoga.com

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25 Responses to “Weight Loss Yoga for Beginners”

  1. I like the vid but this is the 1st time I did yoga and she goes to fast for me but if I could watch and this at the same time I think I would really enjoy it.

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  3. This is not yoga, it’s gymnastics

  4. Thnx for the video.  I add it with my insanity workout. It’s tough.

  5. really enjoyed watching this video – Tara sounds really relaxed and the exercises seem really hard until I gave them a try – not that difficult now ( but remember to breathe ) 

    thanks Tara

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  7. I just did this and it was my second time doing yoga ever in my life! The first time was about a year ago in a hot yoga class at my gym. I usually do more athletic type work outs, so for me I didn’t feel like I accomplished anything after taking the class. After trying again, though, I really enjoyed it and will be looking into yoga classes I can do throughout the week to accompany my regular athletic workouts. Thanks! :-)

  8. chucknorrisiswinning Reply August 28, 2012 at 12:07 am

    should we do this every day, or multiple times a day? I’m new and i want to get better at yoga.

  9. Overall good video, but I agree that it was too fast and the music sucked. I practiced yoga for a couple of years, but have since stopped for a couple of years. My level was higher than this so I understand the postions and correct way of going in and out of them, and what is important for each pose. I know I’m rusty now; you should describe each pose more and slow down

  10. love it:)

  11. man, I am out of breath! I do wish this was a little slower, but overall good video!

  12. too rushed. some of the poses are difficult for me…

  13. Too rushed and the music really bothered me.

  14. nice video, but the music really bothered me and i made me give up

  15. from 2 to 24 :) 

  16. Hihi, have you heard of the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (look it up on google). My friend says it helps people burn fat.

  17. Hihi, have you heard of the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (look it up on google). My friend says it helps people burn fat.

  18. ComebackStrikesBack Reply August 28, 2012 at 5:40 am

    Your voice is so soothing! I thought I was going to fall asleep! haha :)

  19. Can’t wait to start trying these moves out. I suffer from hypothyroid, fybeomyalgia, and chronic back pain!

  20. oh waw my tight hurtsss 

  21. i thought i was the only one lol

  22. austin anyone?

  23. Great video!!! Very inspirational. For anyone motivated to lose weight, I found a free ebook on weight-loss secrets at dietwithoutpain. com.

  24. that is why a class is an hour plus about 5 minutes at the beginning and end for warm up cool down — so you burn 250 — fo to a class

  25. after doing this, few minutes later i felt little bit dizzy and nauseous . is that normal? or maybe it was because these days the weather is extremely hot and i lost too much sweat?