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  1. Brooke… I just started using My Fitness Pal 4 days ago. I’m just wondering what YOU did with the exercise calories that you logged into the App. I mean… Did u use them always, sometimes, never or partially?

  2. this is my second week with fitnesspal!! but i actually gained weight from 176-178, because i also started lifting weights. i use to weight 207pounds but i plateaued at 176, all i did was change my diet and jogged 4-6mi 3 days a week. I hope to lose more weight now that i use fitnesspal. My goal is 150-160. also im 5′ 10″

  3. im the same way! im 5’1 and 23 years old and unfortunately I was in a very stressful place for two years when i was in a medical program and ive gained like 20 pounds of superness….. lol sooo needless to say ive been trying to lose it since i graduated but its just so hard! But your videos are very inspiring! Thank you so much!

  4. Wrapping up first week -lost 14 lbs… can’t believe it. And this was very encouraging!

  5. Very good job!

  6. i’m 5’1 115 my goal weight is 98!! just started today :D

  7. i just started this!!! i hope it works as much as it did for you (: great video..i’m 5’7 155lbs my goal is 140

  8. oh and also if I eat at a local restaurant that is not a chain, then it doesn’t tell how many calories are in the meal ;(

  9. I’ve started using my fitness pal last week. I’m almost underweight but I’m doing it to lose stomach fat, not weight. I’m using my ipod touch and it does have how many grams of sugar you should have. I usually go over it. Its kinda hard for me to get enough calories. I’m either a little over or 100-300 calories under. For today for example, I still need 230 calories but I don’t want to eat anything because I’m already 1g over my fat intake, 27 g over the carbs, and 8g over sugar

  10. Hey Brooke- I recently started using myfitnesspal too and if you type “strength training” into your cardio, it will give you calories back :) I was upset by the same thing but figured that out and thought I would let you know if you haven’t figured it out by now

  11. I’ve been doing this:)

  12. You are so inspiring to me! Im am 25 and 5’1″ as well!! :) yay for short people lol I was told I should weigh for my height 102-117 at the most… Im shooting for 125 thats about 55 lbs away for me :(  but I walk and am slowly changing my diet, I have always eaten whole wheat/multi grain bread, pasta etc. Amd Im always drinking water and very very rarely a sip of soda so thays a plus already. I like what you had said about the 2,000 calorie is average… thats how I got to be where I am!!

  13. Type in the home made foods it will have them. Its also less calories if home made

  14. Hello I just had gastric bypass I only list 26 lbs from my totaled the day of surgery! This will be great for me to start tracking and exercising

  15. Okay….I am sold!!! Congratulations…you look great!!

  16. @AutumnAngelx3 Yea it does but not for a single potatoe. For all of the potatoes put together is how many calories. Let’s say the bag of potatoes as like 25 it would tell how many calories 25 potates are not 4 or 5 etc.. Plus I’m pretty sure the calories would change depending on how the potatoes are cooked.

  17. The things that make them do. I see in your other comment you mentioned 4 potatoes wouldnt have nutrtion info. The bag they come in has to. Same with all other veggies etc. Plus you can search for foods on the site and it will almost always find them and give accurate calorie readings. :)

  18. no some foods dont have labels so its impossible. for example i wanna cook 4 potatoes into fries i dont know how many calories is the potato to even add it as a food,

  19. there is an option to “add food”. of course you have to see the labels and type them in the program. also websites with food databases can be very helpful, for example calorieking com / foods

  20. sayanythingbr00ke you dont need iphone. fitnesspal is also available for android phones. a cheap android phone costs less than 100 and you can have always the app with you if you go somewhere. i know website is free but you do not have a computer with you every time you eat something.

  21. The only that sucks is home cooked foods don’t have nutrition labels or a scan bar.

  22. I have a question, have you seen this program called the Fat Blast Furnace? (go search google). My dad says it helps people get thinner.

  23. i lost 2.5 pounds in a week i just made little changes. add me on myfitnesspal @ meganrose114 (:

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