You Asked For It: Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Q&A

[00:30] Question 1: How can I tone the post-pregnancy belly? (Rainbeau Mars) [02:08] Question 2: How can I lose that post baby weight? (Denise Austin) [03:10] Summary: Pregnancy Episode Round-Up You Asked For It: Pregnancy and post-baby body. In this episode of You Asked For It, fitness experts Denise Austin and Rainbeau Mars answer 2 questions regarding losing weight and toning up after pregnancy. Get tips on toning and tightening up your belly. And find out how you can get your pre-baby body back? Keep watching this video to find out! Learn how to burn fat and slim your waistline while staying healthy! Look and feel your best with your favorite fitness experts. Tune in every Thursday for new episodes where you can get helpful advice and find the answers you are looking for. Don’t forget that you might get your questions answered too, by posting them in the comments below the weekly “You Asked For It” videos. For more of the “You Asked For It” series, click here: Click Here to Subscribe to the BeFit channel: For full selection of great workouts like this one, visit the BeFit Channel on YouTube: Check out our official website at: Check us out on Facebook Follow us on Twitter at: Check us out on Pinterest: To purchase DVD’s, Check out the Lionsgate Fitness store at:
Video Rating: 4 / 5 How to Change Your Life, Diet & Weight Loss Tips, How I Lost Over 100 lbs, Psychetruth Fitness Motivation In this free video, Jessica reveals how she lost over 100 pounds and the tools that helped her reach her goal. While fad diets, diet pills, and weight loss groups like Jenny Craig can be useful for some people, the battle to lose weight can often be more difficult. Using meditation and positive affirmations Jessica was able to stop the negative and self-defeating thoughts that were keeping her obese and unhappy. Visit Jessica’s website at; http This video was produced by Psychetruth © Copyright 2011 Target Public Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved. “how to” change Diet “Weight Loss” “Weight Loss Tips” tips “How I lost” howto “how to lose weight” psychetruth fitness health motivation beauty Austin meditation “how to meditate” eat food busy stress obese obesity inspiration “weight loss program” “how I lost over 100 lbs”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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38 Responses to “You Asked For It: Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Q&A”

  1. Yes! Excercise not only increases your mood and energy levels but it builds your confidence! Just what new Mommies need! Check out BeFit’s Facebook and Twitter page if your looking for more mood boosters!

  2. It varies for everyone! Just make sure you’re eating healthy and working out regularly! Keep the tips from the video in mind as well. You’ll be losing before you know it!

  3. Sure! You can do it! Check out BeFit’s Facebook and Twitter pages for more inspiration! Have fun!

  4. You’re Welcome!! Denise is such a great trainer! We are so glad we can offer her services to all our users! Keep up the great work!!

  5. When I had my babies, i used coca butter all the time, but i didn’t stay as hydrated inside as i should have..This is such great advice! Folow this and you will look better than you did even before your baby!

  6. All i have to say is denise is so happy!..Not only is excercize making her look awesome, but her endorphines are making her one of the most optimistic people ive ever seen. It seems like shes found the golden ticket to success and happinees with fitness! Go denise! i gotta do her workouts more!!

  7. WOW! denise’s stomach looks freaking amazing! Whatever she’s doing, I’m gonna do to keep in the great shape that shes in! Denise playlist here i come. Thanks for those awesome Denise vid’s befit!

  8. i so needed this motivation and advice… and the yoga excercise feels amazing!!! thanks guys! love it

  9. yes denise!!! how long does it take before you get your body back??

  10. Great tips!! Thank you!!

  11. This is great. Thanks for sharing Staf Fit and BE fit. XO.

  12. I want my own personal Denise to give me advice :)

  13. Those positions are also a great tutorial on how to get pregnant as well.

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