YouCube – Park Strategically for Weight Loss

Derek tries to force himself into Peter’s latest blog post. Peter bumps into Amy while he’s a little disheveled, and a lot sweaty. Peter discusses the benefits of parking strategically for weight loss. Subscribe to 3V: All Episodes of YouCube: More Shows from 3V: Meet Peter. He started a video blog at work about how to stay fit when you’re trapped in a cubicle all day. His “offercises” blog (that’s office exercises) gets the attention of some of his co-workers at Gob_ler, the internet company where he works. There’s Amy, Peter’s dream girl, the office weirdo Arnold, and the boss, Derek, an incessant high-fiver. Watch them every week on YouCube!
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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33 Responses to “YouCube – Park Strategically for Weight Loss”

  1. Derek = Daniel Tosh

  2. Thanks!! Keep watching, there’s so much more to come :)

  3. Oblivious love interests aren’t they adorable.

  4. he didn’t close his car door…

  5. i honestly don’t understand why tens of thousands of people don’t watch this. it’s awesome. better than most of what CH has been putting out recently.

  6. Is that true that you burn more belly fat if you exercise on an empty stomach????

  7. Love this one!

  8. This is pretty great!

  9. Im always looking for your vids. Great job!

  10. WeightLossChallenge7 Reply September 22, 2012 at 7:16 pm

    Videos like this inspire me. I have started my own 91 Day Weight Loss Challenge I hope I get the same results as you. I know its all about the hard work. Mostly 80% Food and 20% Workout/Cardio. Thanks for posting this video. I like watching videos that inspire me.

  11. It was an amazing video ! 

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  15. Youre really good!! Well done!

  16. Keed doing your thing,the video was cool!

  17. Subbed motherfucker

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  19. WOW! Cest une vid

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  21. Good job!

  22. Your video is so well done

  23. Subscribing for sure! Keep it up!

  24. you dont know how much you helped me

  25. Please do more video … I love your videos

  26. if i find another video as great as this ill sleep outside!!

  27. this video is the best

  28. Awesome video! Cant wait to see more ;)

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