Zuzana Light – ZWOW # 14 4-20-2012

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 3 / 5

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33 Responses to “Zuzana Light – ZWOW # 14 4-20-2012”

  1. So glad that you are back with great videos in REAL TIME!

  2. you typed 4:20?

  3. If I eat clean and do these workouts everyday will I eventually get strong like her? Is this really all she does? 10-20 minutes a day?

  4. I just did this one again. Holy crap! I forgot how hard it was to get thru 5 rounds.

  5. I agree with ‘Yeouinaru’…..Your new real time routines are awesome….You motivate me even more……You are, as always, the best.

  6. Hi,everyone,I did it this morning in 15:08 min.( beated my old score-15:22 ),I used 4kg. dumbells.Thank you very much,Zuzka :) I’m looking forward for your new web site,I hope it will be ready soon :)

  7. 16:16!
    still soooo hard even tho the 4th time around!
    10lbs each on 1st round then 5lbs!

  8. I love how shes making her videos longer

  9. Wow this was a hard ass workout well at least for me!

  10. Holy crap!!!! That was more intense than I expected!! Lol my legs could hardly function in the last 2 burpees

  11. Great video inspiration to keep working out thanks :)

  12. Oh my! That was killer – I can’t believe I pulled through and completed it. Kept up with Zuzana too. Stoked!

  13. Love this ZWOW! Did it with 4kg weight in each hand on 6/21 time 32:57; on 6/26 time 22:32 and today 6/29 time 20:55. Getting better every single time and won’t stop until I beat Zuzana’s time 18:22! ;) )

  14. nice just did workout 17:39

  15. :D turn your sound off.

  16. Zuzka, how many WOs/day should I do? I’m beginner but i’m so addicted to you, I finished one, but I want to do more. :O

  17. Violetta Yazlovskaya Reply October 18, 2012 at 10:02 pm

    Whew, what a killer workout! 15 year old warrior & proud to be one. You’re such an inspiration. Thank you so much. Your workouts are amazing. Once you start, there’s no stopping. Oh, and your enthusiasm helps top it of. Thanks again. c:

  18. Quick question for you Zuzana, do you do your workouts more than once a day, or do you do them only once? Just thought I would ask! You’re absolutely amazing and total inspiration for me and a ton of other people :) . Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication!!

  19. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these workouts, always different to combat the boredom, but always feel the BURN. Keep them coming Zuka! x

  20. i prefer that she counts
    helps me when im doin it with her

  21. 15:05 !!!!! 3 mins faster than last time!
    10lbs for first then 5lbs!
    3rd time around!


  23. I seriously have a love hate relationship with this workout, just did it again & shaved off a couple minutes from my first time. Thanks Z for the awesome workouts! <3

  24. These are exceptional workouts. I was a fitness athlete and now I follow Zuzana to keep lean and toned. These are much better than the Bodyrock days because you walk us through the entire workout. With BR there were always questions as to how many reps, how long etc. Please keep it up and THANK YOU!

  25. wow did some get murder on driveway? I know u sound russian or balgarian hehe, great workout or should I say killer workout! I kept up to u but those burpees good god! you are pure inspiration =)

  26. It would be a shame for you not to bulk up when other normal people accomplish it easily with Atomic Fat Loss (Look it up on google).

  27. I have just started to get into the mind frame that i would like to lose some weight too. Im on your bandwagon! We just need to push each other through this! Keep positive!

  28. I’ve been working hard myself and I even started my own vlog like this as a way to keep myself honest. You have some pretty good tips here that I will incorporate into my own plan. I toss in recipes and cooking techniques into my videos if you are at all interested, check them out.

  29. GOOD LUCK! You are doing great. I’m doing a similar blog…follow me, too!

  30. Good luck on your journey! I have lost 56lbs so far. It’s been a slow but steady progress but i def stay motivated with the help of the YouTube weight loss community. Stay positive! We can do this! :)

  31. Yes cutting out dairy is tough. I love cheese. It souns like you have the right attitude. Good luck!

  32. You are glowing and looking great! Along the way we will learn so much about ourselves our bodies its an amazing journey and the wonderful thing about it is you can enjoy the journey while you get to where you want to be. You are already achieving so much by keeping track and making changes.

  33. having a positive out look and frame of mind is soo important. keep your head up and keep focused. You will get there eventually xx